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Greetings. I write funny poems, rhymes and verses. Click on the Poems button below to read some of my favorites.

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I made a little movie.
It's got a lot of spunk.
Watch it, like it, share it,
Tell me what you thunk.
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Crocodiles Don’t Wear Socks 2021

Crocodiles (cover mockup)

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Crocodiles Don’t Wear Socks 2022 is my seventh book of humorous poetry. In this collection, you’ll read twisted tales of crocodiles and kookaburras, dodos and rhinoceroses (endangered species of all kinds), witches and wanderlust, spaceships and shipwrecks. Besides a healthy dose of nonsense, I also cover subjects closer to home, like climate change and dating apps (Shh! Don't tell my wife). This collection also includes my tributes to Ogden Nash's The Purist and Marion Sinclair's The Kookaburra Song.


The Knocking Door 2020

Knocking Door (cover mockup)

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The Knocking Door 2021 is my sixth book of humorous poetry. In this collection I wax poetic about marriage and fatherhood, friendship and philosophy, and take you on a journey to the edge of the Universe and back again.


Quiet Please, I’m Rhyming! 2020

Quiet Please (cover mockup)

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Quiet Please, I’m Rhyming! 2020 is my fifth book of humorous poetry. In this irreverent collection, I provide light-hearted commentary on a variety of topics, including American politics, the global pandemic that is sweeping the globe, cosmological lovers and how a near future might be shaped by its preponderance of cats. There are also poems about late crossed lovers, muses, canned peaches and Cupid’s arrow. Something for everyone.


Astrowave Frontier 2019

Astrowave Frontier (cover mockup)

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Astrowave Frontier 2019 is my fourth book of humorous poetry with whimsical worlds and characters inspired by Lewis Carroll, Shel Silverstein and other masters of light verse. Inside I introduce some of my favorite characters, including the Boy With Two First Names, Rock Nobbin and the Lost Princess, and Lucy, the girl who laughed at leopards.