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The Name Game

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Lets play the name game, shall we.

Discover the most common names in your Genealogy database. Hannah and Helen will likely succumb to the popularity of Mary and Margaret, but perhaps not. Are Smith and Jones as popular on all sides of the Pond? Unlikely. Discover yours today.

Now, when you play The Name Game, your top results are tallied and merged into the grand totals shown below. Run yours now and see how the numbers change. You can use your results to see how you compare to the cumulative totals. You can use the form below to post your top results or let us know how you affected the totals.

The following statistics were derived from 988 unique databases totaling more than 4.64 million people.

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  • Aurora
    22 Aug 2013

    Another family name is Emmanuela Navarro and Manuela

  • Tim Forsythe
    31 Jan 2013

    Updated The Name Game ( http://timforsythe.com/tools/namegame ) to show the cumulative totals for the 20 most popular boys and girls names for all the databases analyzed. Its fun to watch the totals change and the names swap places when you play The Name Game. I you want to see the changes, you better snapshot the tables beforehand because they update immediately.

    The totals will also be updated when you run any of the other tools on the website, with the exception of VGedX. Only the largest database for each person is counted though, so running multiple tests does not count double or triple, etc. Since it only uses the largest database loaded, running multiple databases does not count separately. I am doing no special processing to attempt to distinguish between updated databases and different databases.