D-List: The GEDCOM Descendants List

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Who's on your D-List?

D-List will build a complete Descendant List between your configured person and whichever ancestor of theirs you specify.

Configuration Options
  • +Person IDs

    Set the Root ID to the person in your database you wish to be placed at the root of your D-List.


D-List is as a free web service. D-List differs from traditional descendant lists in several areas. Immigrants are italicized and the migration path for each person is shown making it easy to spot patterns and to notice discrepancies if they exist.

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  • Tim Forsythe
    11 Jan 2014

    Colin, there are circular buttons right justified in the menu bar. Google, Facebook and T4 (local). If you're on a mobile device, you'll need to expand the menu to see them.

  • Colin Spencer
    11 Jan 2014

    Where is the sign in link on your website? It seems to be well hidden. I am using Firefox 26.0 and the "Please sign in to generate a report" is not a link as I would have expected.

  • Tim Forsythe
    14 Jan 2013

    Oops, forgot to actually copy the D-List program into the correct location. Were up and running now.