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A-List: The GEDCOM Ancestors List

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Now serving number:   400


A-List will build a complete Ancestors List for your configured person.

Configuration Options
  • +Root Person ID

    Set the ID to the person in your database you wish to be placed at the root of your A-List.


A-List is as a free web service. A-List differs from traditional ancestor lists in several areas. Immigrants are italicized and those without parents are displayed in bold so that they are easily located, allowing you to quickly identify those needing further research. A-List also displays the migration path for each person making it easy to spot patterns and to notice discrepancies if they exist.

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  • Robert O. LaBonte Sr.
    23 Apr 2014


  • Tim Forsythe
    23 Mar 2014

    WQ, GEDCOM files identify individuals using an id in the form of

    0 @INDI@ XXXX

    where XXXX is generally something like I100 or P100. You need to locate the person in your GEDCOM file that you want to generate an A-List for, and enter their ID here as the Root Person ID, that is the id of the root person in your tree. You can open your GEDCOM file in any text editor and search for the name of the person you want to use as your A-List root. GEDCOM file delimit surnames with slashes so if you were looking for "Will Quill" for instance you would need to search for "Will /Quill/".

    All of the tools found on this website will also show a person's id next to their name. Some genealogy editors also show the id for each person on their profile page.

  • willquill
    23 Mar 2014

    How do i set root person ID?

  • Tim Forsythe
    24 Feb 2014

    Miriam, thanks for letting me know. I fixed it for A-List, D-List and G-List

  • Miriam Korsinsky
    24 Feb 2014

    I uploaded a gedcom that was exported from geni.com and the record #s are too long for your input box.

  • Tim Forsythe
    01 Oct 2013

    Keith, not sure what you are asking, if indeed you are asking something. You can upload your GEDCOM file via the buttons in the headline bar and then come back here to set your root person ID and then generate your report.

  • Keith Marchington
    01 Oct 2013

    wish to open a ged file

  • Tim Forsythe
    20 Sep 2013

    the IMMI tag

  • Pekka Valta
    20 Sep 2013

    How is "immigrated" defined? A birth country different from living or death country or TAG="IMMI" ?

  • Tom
    06 Jun 2013

    It worked as described, but doesn't seem to support bom encoded unicode text, a natural encoding for someone with foreign ancestors.

  • Tim Forsythe
    20 Feb 2013

    Susan, the Root Person Id is the record number of the person you want to be the root of your ancestors list. The application you use to export your GEDCOM file probably exposes this record number to you within the application. Generally it is in the format of I1, I01, I101, P1001, etc.

    If you cannot find it, then you can open your GEDCOM file with a text editor and search for the person manually by their name, birth date, etc. Once you find them, look for the start of their GEDCOM record, which will look something like:

    0 INDI @I1@

    The string found between the at signs is the person's record number. In this case, I1.

  • Susan Alexander
    20 Feb 2013

    How does one set the Root Person ID? I saw a message about it talking about record numbers. I need to know how to do this before I can submit my tree.

  • Tim Forsythe
    20 Feb 2013

    Jim, :) It looks like you didn't set the Root Person ID correctly. All the individuals in your file fall between the record numbers I1000 and I1060. However, you entered record numbers, I100071, I100231, I00741, I1, and 10007. None of these were found in the file you uploaded. Perhaps you thought you had uploaded a more complete file.

  • j. poole
    20 Feb 2013

    A truly mysterious tool... No Ancestors were detected.

  • Tim Forsythe
    14 Jan 2013

    What, what. Two releases in one day. I'm a maniac. Check out the releases of A-List: The GEDCOM Ancestors List and D-List: The GEDCOM Descendants List in the blog and them try them out in the GEDCOM Tools.