Genealogy of the Bostock and Bostwick Families

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  • Full Title: Genealogy of the Bostock and Bostwick Families
  • Author: Bostock, Roland
  • Publisher: Oct 2005
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  • Hugh Fitz Richard (1000)

    Children: Osmer de (1025) [HMS 1535]

    Head of the family tree as recorded in Harleyan Manuscript 1535, and followed by Booth. This Hugh did not appear to assume the name Bostock. [HMS 1535]
  • Osmer de Bostock (1025)

    Osmer heads the tree according to the Visitations of Cheshire [VCB]
    Son of: Hugh Fitz Richard (1000) [HMS 1535]
    Children: Hugh (1050) [VCB] or Richard (1075) [HMS 1535]

    At the time of the conquest of England by the Normans he was Lord of Bostock, Shipbrook, Davenham, Audlem, Claverton, Crewe, a part of Edlaston, a part of Wybunbury-cum-Frith, a part of Leftwich, a part of Wistaston, two hedged enclosures for deer, an eyrie for hawks, houses in Chester, and a saltpit in Northwich, all in Cheshire.
    Most of these lands were granted after the conquest to Richard de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook, as recorded in the Domesday Book.
    It is probable that after confiscation of his lands Osmer and family were allowed to live in the manor of Bostock, one of his smaller manors, and either allowed to retain it, or hold it doing feudal service to the Vernons.
    Quote "Richard de Vernon holds a series of estates including Botestock. Osmaer held it. There is 1 hide that pays geld. The land is for 2 ploughs. They are there with 3 radmen and 2 serfs, and 2 acres of meadow, and 2 acres of wood. In 1066 it was worth 3/-, now 10/-. He found it waste."
  • Hugh de Bostock (1050)

    Son of: Osmer de Bostock (1025) [VCB, FBT]
    Children: Richard de (1075) [VCB, FBT]
  • Richard de Bostock (1075)

    Son of: Osmer de Bostock (1025) [HMS 1535]
    Son of: Hugh de Bostock (1050) [VCB, FBT]
    Children: Roger de (1105) [VCB, HMS]
  • Roger de Bostock (1105)

    Son of: Richard de Bostock (1075) [VCB, HMS]
    Children: Gilbert de (1130) [VCB, HMS]
  • Sir Gilbert de Bostock (1130)

    Son of: Roger de Bostock (1105) [VCB, HMS]
    Children: Ranulph de (1155) [VCB] or William de (1155) [HMS 1535]

    Lord of Bostock [HMS 1535]
    The pedigree of Bostock as registered with the College of Arms starts with this Gilbert and titles him 'Sir Gilbert' [CA]
    Said to be the first to use Bostock as a surname [CA]
  • William de Bostock (1155)

    Son of: Sir Gilbert de Bostock (1130) [HMS 1535]
    Married: Margaret (1157) [HMS 1535]
    Children: Warren de (1185) [HMS 1535]

    Lord of Bostock [HMS 1535]
  • Ranulph de Bostock (1155)

    Son of: Sir Gilbert de Bostock (1130) [VCB]
    Married: Margaret (1157) [VCB]
    Children: Warren de (1185) [VCB]

    Margaret (1157)

    Daughter of: Warren Vernon, Lord of Shipbrook [VCB, HMS]
    Married: Ranulph de Bostock (1155) [VCB]
    Married: William de Bostock (1155) [HMS 1535]
  • Adam de Bostock (1130)

    Children: Randle de (1155) [OHC]

    Given as head of the family tree by Ormerod. The evidence is that an inquisition in 1155 refers to Warin de Bostock as son of Randle de Bostock, son of Adam de Bostock. [OHC]
  • Randle (1155)

    Son of: Adam de Bostock (1130) [OHC]
    Children: Warren de (1155) [OHC]

    An inquisition in 1155 gives Warin de Bostock as son of Randle de Bostock, son of Adam de Bostock [OHC]
  • Sir Warren de Bostock (1185)

    Son of: Ranulph de Bostock (1155) and Margaret (1157) [VCB]
    Son of: William de Bostock (1155) and Margaret (1157) [HMS 1535]
    Son of: Randle de Bostock (1155) [OHC]
    Married: Hawise (1187) [OHC]
    Children: Henry de (1205), Margaret (1210) [VCB, VS, HMS 1535]
    Children: Gilbert de (1205) [OHC]

    Knight, Lord of Bostock.
    He is mentioned in an inquisition in 1155 as the second husband of Hawise Kyvelioc, and his descent from Randle de Bostock and Adam de Bostock is given. This version of Sir Warin's ancestry is supported by Dr. Williamson, and by Ormerod. The alternative version, discounted by Ormerod, is taken from Harleyan Manuscript 1535, supported by Booth, and shows Sir Warin as descended from Osmer and Hugh Fitz Richard. [OHC]
    VC and HMS identify him as Sir Warren. OHC refers to him as Sir Warin [VCB, HMS 1535, OHC]

    Hawise (1187)

    Daughter of: Hugh Kyvelyoc, Earl of Chester [OHC]
    Married (2): Sir Warren de Bostock (1185) [VC, HMS, OHC]

    An inquisition in 1155 mentions Warin de Bostock as the second husband of Hawise, daughter of Hugh Kyvelyoc. A Hawise, widow of Roger de Quency is mentioned as receiving a grant of Earldom of Lincoln, but this is in 1233, so is too late to be this Hawise. [OHC]
  • Sir Henry de Bostock (1205)

    Son of: Sir Warren de Bostock (1185) and Hawise (1187) [VCB, HMS]
    Married: Elenor (1207) [HMS 1535]
    Children: William de (1225) [VCB, HMS]

    Lord of Bostock. [VCB, HMS]

    Elenor (1207)

    Daughter of: Robert Poole of Cheshire [HMS 1535, FBT]
    Married: Sir Henry de Bostock (1205) [HMS 1535, FBT]
  • Gilbert de Bostock (1205)

    Son of: Sir Warren de Bostock (1185) and Hawise (1187) [OHC]
    Children: William de (1225) [OHC]

    Lord of Bostock.
    Ormerod gives as evidence of his place in the tree that there existed good evidence that Sir William de Bostock was a grandson of Sir Warin de Bostock; and also that there existed a Gilbert de Bostock, son of Warin, and a William de Bostock, son of Gilbert at the right time.
  • Sir William de Bostock (1225)

    Son of: Sir Henry de Bostock (1205) and Elenor (1207) [VCB, HMS 1535]
    Son of: Gilbert de Bostock (1205) [OHC]

    Born: c. 1240 [FBT]
    Married: (1) Elizabeth (1227) [VCB, HMS, OHC], (2) Amice (1232) [OHC]
    Children (1): Edward de (1245) or Philip de (1245) , Hugh de (1247), Joceram de (1249) [OHC, FBT]
    Children (2): Amice (1251) , Gilbert de (1255) [FBT]

    Sometime before 1229 William de Bostock, grandson of Warin, acknowledged in court that he held his land from Warin de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook, by ploughing and shearing his lord's demesne lands. This acknowledgement very much supports that William and Warin are likely descended from Osmer who also held Bostock by consent of a Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook.
    Said to have been present at the battle of Evesham in 1265 [OHC]

    Elizabeth (1227)

    Daughter of: James, Lord of Audeley and Heleigh [VCB, HMS, OHC]
    Married: Sir William de Bostock (1225) [VCB, HMS, OHC]
  • Sir Edward de Bostock (1245)

    Son of: Sir William de Bostock (1225) and Elizabeth (1227) [VCB, HMS]
    Born: c. 1260 [FBT]
    Children: Sir Adam de (1270) [VCB, HMS]
  • Philip de Bostock (1245)

    Son of: Sir William de Bostock (1225) and Elizabeth (1227) [OHC, FBT]
    Born: c. 1260 [FBT]
    Married: Mary (1247) [FBT]
    Children: Sir Adam de (1270), Ralph de (1272) [OHC, FBT]

    Mary (1247)

    Daughter of: Matthew de Vernon [FBT]
    Married: Philip de Bostock (1245) [FBT]
  • Sir Adam de Bostock (1270)

    Son of: Sir Edward de Bostock (1245) [VCB, HMS 1535]
    Son of: Philip de Bostock (1245) and Mary (1247) [OHC]
    Died: between 1342 and 1350 [OHC]
    Married: (1) Joan (1272), (2) Matilda (1280) [OHC]
    Children (1): William de (1310), Hugh de (1312) [OHC]

    Lord of Bostock, Knight [OHC, HMS]
    He was knighted at the conquest of Scotland on July 22, 1298 by King Edward I at the battle of Falkirk. [VB, TBF 10a]
    Mentioned as 'mainprise' for Richard de Warghull in 1309.
    Appointed one of the king's purveyors in Northwich hundred in 1310.
    Occurs in the account of Wharton in 1322.
    By an Inquest ad quod damnum it was found that Adam could close a highway 40 perches long, 40 foot wide, with a path 2 foot wide, in Bostock leading from Balsagh towards Middlewich, so long as he constructed another way in lieu thereof in 1334 (Plea Rolls).
    Entered in recognizances in 1342. [OHC]
    NB: In none of the above is Adam ascribed knighthood. Hence there is some doubt that his knighting actually occurred. [RB]

    Joan (1272)

    Daughter of: Sir William de Brereton [OHC, HMS 1535]
    Married: Sir Adam de Bostock (1270) [OHC, HMS 1535]
  • Sir William de Bostock (1310 - 1386)

    Son of: Sir Adam de Bostock (1270) and Joan (1272) [VB, FBT]
    Born: c. 1315 [FBT]
    Married: (1) Alice (1312), (2) Joan (1317) [FBT]
    Children (1): Adam de (1340), Robert (1343), Ralph de (1345), David de (1348), William de (1350) [FBT]

    Knight [HMS 1535]
    He was knighted at the Conquest of France by King Edward III. [VB]
    With his wife Joan he sued Helewise, prioress of the Chester nuns in 1356 for dower in Marleston cum Lache, Chesh. [OHC]
    Appointed seneschal of the lordship of Frodsham, Chesh in 1363, as William de Bostock, senior. [OHC]
    Acquired lands in Bradwall, Chesh in 1372. [OHC]

    Alice (1312)

    Daughter of: Stephen Merton, Lord of Mertton, [HMS 1535]
    Daughter of: William de Multon, Lord of Multon juxta Bostock, Chesh [FBT]
    Married: Sir William de Bostock (1310) [HMS 1535, FBT]
  • Sir Adam de Bostock (1340)

    Son of: Sir William de Bostock (1310) and Alice (1312) [VCB, OHC]
    Born: c. 1340 [FBT]
    Died: between 1374 and 1387 (see below) [OHC]
    Married: Margaret (1342) [VCB, OHC]
    Children: Adam de (1363), David de (1365), Thomas de (1367), Richard de (1368), Nicholas de (1369) [OHC]

    Lord of Bostock. He was knighted at the battle of Nazaret in Spain by the Black Prince. [OHC, VB]
    An inquisition in 1374 found that his putting the manor of Bostock in trust for his son Adam when he attained 24 years old was a charter made by collusion, and that the manor was held from its heirs John St. Pierre by knight's service.
    A new inquisition in 1387 returned that when Adam died he held the manor in his demesne of Walter de Cokeseye, Knight. [OHC]

    Margaret (1342 - 1370)

    Daughter of: Sir John de Wettenhale, Lord of Acton [OHC, HMS 1535]
    Daughter of: John Wetnall alias Kingsley [VCB]
    Daughter of: Sir John Wettenhall of Kingsley [FBT]
    Daughter of: Agnes [PRF.Kent]
    Died: before 1370 [OHC]
    Married: Sir Adam de Bostock (1340) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
  • Sir Adam de Bostock (1363)

    Son of: Sir Adam de Bostock (1340) and Margaret (1342) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
    Born: August 15, 1363 [OHC]
    Died: Inquisition post mortem was in 1415 [OHC]
    Will: was dated 1414 [IXC]
    Married: Jonet (1365) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
    Children: Matilda (1384), Margaret (1386), Ralph de (1391), Hugh (1391), Henry (1393), William (1395), Elizabeth (1398), Agnes (1400) [OHC]

    From the inquisition post mortem: Adam de Bostok held in his demesne as of fee, the manor of Bostok cum part, from Hugh, son and heir of Walter de Cokesey in capite by military service, also the manor of Huxley, half of the manor of Wetenhall, and lands and messuages in Tattenhall, Newton juxta tattenhall, Rocristleton, Eccleston and Monks Coppenhall. [IXC, OHC]
    He was one of Richard II's bodyguards at the battle of Shrewsbury on July 21, 1403, for which he was knighted in 1386 by Richard II, and later by Henry IV at Bostock. With his brother David he was exempted from the General Pardon in 1415. [FBT, TBF 17]
    When knighted by Henry IV, the king gave him the Antelope to his crest. [VB]

    Jonet (1365)

    Daughter of: Sir Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw [OHC, HMS 1535]
    Married: Sir Adam de Bostock (1363) [OHC, HMS 1535]
  • Sir Ralph de Bostock (1391 - 1419)

    Son of: Sir Adam de Bostock (1363) and Jonet (1365) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
    Born: age 23 in 1415 [FBT]
    Died: His inquisition post mortem was held in 1419 [OHC]
    Married: Isabell (1393) [HMS 1535, VCB]
    Children: Adam de (1412), Hugh (1415), Henry (1418), Alice (1420) [OHC, HMS 1535]

    Lord of Bostock, Chesh. [OHC]
    He was knighted in France in 1415 when in the retinue of Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter; named in the Agincourt Roll. [FBT]
    Ralph saw much active service in the French wars. He is recorded as Ralph de Bostock of Bostock, armiger, and had letters of protection in 1416 when going abroad in the retinue of King Henry V.
    He is mentioned again in 1417, as a knight, having letters of protection "being about to put to sea in the retnue of the king", and he again occurs as having letters of protection in 1419 "on his going to France on the king's service, in the retinue of Thomas, duke of Exeter".
    At his inquisition post mortem in 1419 he is titled 'chivaler' and is reported as holding the manor of Bostock in fee, and holding lands in Occleston, Alsager, Moulton, Tetton, Chirch Lawton, and half the manor of Wettenhall. [OHC]

    Isabell (1393)

    Daughter of: William Lawton of Wigland, nr Malpas, Chesh [OHC, HMS, VCB]
    Married: Sir Ralph de Bostock (1391) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
  • Sir Adam de Bostock (1412 - 1475)

    Son of: Sir Ralph de Bostock (1391) and Isabell (1393) [OHC, HMS, VCB]
    Born: February 22, 1412 [FBT]
    Died: April 30, 1475 [FBT]
    Married: (1) Elizabeth (1414), (2) Ellen (1427) [OHC, HMS 1535]
    Children (1): Ralph de (1434), John (1436), Nicholas (1437), Jane (1440), Eleanor (1442), Margaret (1443), Elizabeth (1445), Margery (1447), William (1450) [OHC, VCB]
    Children (2): Adam (1452) [HMS 1535]
    Children (Illeg): Jane (1454), John (1462), Arthur (1464), Emma (1467) [HMS 1535]

    Lord of Bostock.
    He was frequently mentioned in documents of his time, in particular on 5 separate occasions in 1434 he was bound over to keep the peace with sureties of £100 and £200 given.
    Referred to as Adam de Bostock, armiger in 1453 when giving sureties. [OHC]
    He fought at the battle of Blore Heath in 1459. [FBT]
    According to the Visitation of Berkshire he was slain at Blore Heath in 1459. [VB]
    Child Adam came from a legitimate or illegitimate liaison with Ellen. Other illegitimates came from a ward of William Bradshaw.

    Elizabeth (1414)

    Daughter of: Richard Venables [HMS 1535]
    Daughter of: Sir Hugh Venables [OHC]
    Daughter of: Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton [VB]
    Married: Sir Adam de Bostock (1412) [HMS, OHC, VB, VCB]
  • William Bostock (1450 - 1514)

    Son of: Sir Adam de Bostock (1412) and Elizabeth (1414) [OHC, HMS, VB]
    Married: (1) Elizabeth (1480), (2) Alice (1460), (3) Ellen (1465) [HMS 1535]
    Children (1): Anne (1505) [HMS 1535]
    Illeg Children (2): Edward (1481), Elizabeth (1483) [HMS, VCB]
    Illeg Children (3): George (1485), Margery (1487), Ralph (1489), Emme (1491), Arthur (1493), Isabel (1495), Humfry (1497), Anne (1499), Roger (1501), Alice (1503), plus 3 further children [Various]

    of Stapleford, Chesh. [OHC, HMS 1535]
    William had in all 15 base children. [VCB]
    Died without legitimate issue. [VB]
    HMS 2059 and HMS 1259 indicate that he is not yet married in 1498, but yet include children Edward and Elizabeth by Alice Patrick, and also George, Ralph, Arthur, Humfry, Margery, Emma and Isabel by Elyn Bostock. [HMS]
    HMS 6032 describes the lands held by William. [HMS 6032]

    Elizabeth (1480)

    Daughter of: Robert Done [OHC, HMS 1535]
    Married: William Bostock (1450) [OHC, HMS 1535]

    She has been assumed as about 30 years younger than William, as he was unmarried in 1498 (HMS 1535) with at least 9 illegitimate children.
  • Emme (1491)

    Illeg daughter of: William Bostock (1450) and Ellen (1465) VCB
    Married: Arthur Halford VCB
  • Anne (1505)

    Daughter of: William Bostock (1450) and Elizabeth (1480) [HMS 1535]
    Married: Arthur Holford [HMS 1535]
    Children: John [HMS 1535]

    She is described as sole heir in HMS 1535, all other children of William being illegitimate. [HMS 1535]
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    FBT "The Family of Bostock of Tarporley, Cheshire", a booklet by Robert Chignell Bostock, printed for private circulation in 1906.

    HMS nnnn Harleyan Manuscript no nnnn. The main Harleyan Manuscript referred to is HMS 1535. This reference is often shortened to HMS.

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    VB Visitations of Berkshire (1566)

    VC nnnn Visitations of Cheshire for the year nnnn. 1580 was the year when the main Bostock pedigrees were reported. These have been subdivided, see following.

    VCB Visitations of Cheshire (1580), Bostock of Bostock section, itself based on HMS 1424 and HMS 1505

    VS Visitations of Shropshire (1623)
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