Henry Hobson's Will

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  • Full Title: Henry Hobson's Will
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  • Henry Hobson of Bristol, innholder, 16 March 1634, proved 27 May 1636.

    To be buried in the church of All Saints in Bristol, where I now live, near the place where my late wife Alice lieth buried. I do ratify and confirm a deed of uses, bearing date 10 march 5th Charles, between me and Myles Jackson of Bristol, merchant, and Godfrey Creswicke of Bristol, hardwareman. I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren, Henry Cary, Matthew Cary, Richard Cary and Miles Cary, children of my daughter Alice Cary, wife of John Cary draper, five pounds apiece and to my grandchildren Thomas and Henry Jackson, children of my daughter Anne Jackson, widow, five pounds apiece. To my grandchildren Alice Cary, Honor Cary and Mary Cary, daughters of my said daughter Alice Cary, one hundred pounds apiece and to my grandchildren Margaret and Anne Jackson, daughters of my said daughter Anne Jackson, one hundred pounds apiece. My kinsman and servant Richard Burrows. My kinsman Christopher Raynoldes, son of George Reynoldes deceased, and Anne Reynoldes, sister of the said Christopher (at twenty one or day of marriage). The Company of Innholders of Bristol. To my son William Hobson my scarlet gown. To my well beloved kinsmen Francis Creswicke, merchant, and Thomas Hobson, pewterer, the lease of the messuage in St. Nicholas Street, Bristol, wherein Arthur Stert now dwelleth, in trust for the only use and behoff of my said daughter Alice Cary. To my said daughter Anne Jackson my wine license which I bought of Hugh Hart to draw wine by in Bristol &c. and the lease of the messuage in St. Nicholas Street wherein Philip Love, merchant, now dwelleth. Son William to be executor and said kinsmen Francis Creswicke and Thomas Hopson to be overseers. I do also give unto my old servant Edward Drabble, whom I had almost forgot, forty shillings in money.
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