Friends of Gigatrees who have enjoyed its interactive web service will be happy to hear that it is available as a downloadable, standalone, cost and ad free, Windows 64-bit, console application. There is no longer any need to create user accounts or upload GEDCOM files to a server for processing. You can now download the application and run it at home. (See the Documentation for installation and setup requirements).

What is Gigatrees?

Gigatrees is a genealogy application that will build a complete family tree website from your GEDCOM file, creating static webpages for online or offline viewing (See Samples). Gigatrees can also be used to generate standalone reports, including a GEDCOM Validation report and a Data Analysis report. The GEDCOM Validator will validate your file against the GEDCOM 5.5 grammar specification as well as whichever GEDCOM dictionary is appropriate. The following dictionaries are currently supported:

How do I use it?

  1. Installation
  2. GEDCOM Extensions
  3. Configuration Options
  4. Appendix

Why do I need it?

Gigatrees supports an array of configurable options (see Documentation) and provides a variety of unique features, many of which have been requested directly by users during its decade-plus availability online. Although some of the features require special GEDCOM fields, many do not, and can therefore be useful to everyone. A summary of features include support for the following:

... and many other additional features.