Website creation simplified
Current Version 1.0.1

Fast & Responsive
Uses current web technologies (jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap) to ensure websites are compatible with all brands of web browsers and mobile devices. Pages resize automatically and content delivery networks are used for fast page load speeds worldwide.
Full Control
Uses page templates, giving you full control over headers, footers, stylesheets, menus and page design. Plugins allow extending default capabilities and Placeholders allow for defining reusable content.
The BlüeBox installation is very small and website need fewer than a dozen files to depoly, regardless of the size or complexity of your website.
Websites can be built as static HTML pages for testing and as an SQLite3 database for deployment. Databases include all the support files necessary to host your website online — no programming is necessary.
Programming Support
... but if programming is your thing, BlüeBox allows for embedding HTML, PHP and JavaScript into any web page. Developers also have access to the database.
Blogging & RSS
Has built-in support for creating clean blogs, including index pages for posts, authors, categories, and hashtags with pagination, footnotes, related pages and RSS feeds.
Media Gallery
Allows configuring of media images and provides internal suuport for linking to them and their metadata without the hassle of broken links.
International Support
Supports translating all generated text into your native language — even if that language is English.

Photo Mosaics
Tiled photo galleries are versitle and responsive.
Several chart libraries are available.
Link to YouTube videos with ease.
HTML Extensions
Includes HTML extensions that simplify formatting web pages.