The Soldier of (Good) Fortune

On November 6, 1944, the allied forces landing at Omaha Beach battled bravely against German troops eventually driving them from their fortifications. Six days later, my father arrived. My father’s story is not one of great bravery or heroic effort, it is a simple story, one of his, and eventually my, good fortune. I visited my father a few weeks ago, and over dinner he recounted his days at Normandy. The following video... Read more »

Random Haiku Generator

Having a bit of fun this morning.  Opened up my decade old random haiku generator and made a new page for it here: The Random Haiku Generator is based on my Advanced Random Text Generator which, in this case, combines parts of speech represented by templates to form haikus. For this simple poetry form, the three lines are represented by a prepositional phrase, followed by an adjective phrase, followed b... Read more »

GoPro Hero 3 Timelapse – Test Drive

I finally took my GoPro Hero3 Black out for a test drive… literally I mean.  I bought it a couple months ago in prep for a diving trip in August, but haven’t really used it very much.  I shot this time-lapse on the drive home from work yesterday.  Apparently I’m I thumb driver.  After watching it, I realize this is the only way to travel.  I did not add any music, so you have my permission to … hum.