Building an Above Ground Pond

Here are my instructions for building an above ground, “portable”, rectangular fish pond from landscaping timers, re-bar, and pond liner. The pond measures, roughly, 2’x4’x8′ and will hold about 400 gallons. In my case it holds 440 gallons, because I dug 4″ to 6″ of the bottom into the ground. I initially posted these instructions to another of my blogs about 2008 or... Read more »

Speaking of Inchworms

(Photo by Eli Duke) Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t. Speaking of Inchworms by Tim Forsythe Speaking of inchworms, I said to my boss, Have you ever observed the Viennese moth. It feeds only on blueberries and bombazine cloth, And then blooms like a flower in Spring. Bombazine cloth, I said to my darling one night, Is worn by Wookiees before every flight. Each cloth is painted titanium white, And... Read more »

Yet Another Genealogy Numbering System

Update July 30, 2014: Added optionally sorting family lines within each generation for presentation purposes and optionally assigning secondary ids by sorted order. This will vastly improve manual list traversals. Recently, I developed yet Another Genealogy NUmbering System (AGNUS) for use in the Generation Lists shown on the Gigatrees website. Generation lists are basically, nothing more than ancestor lists that use AGNUS rather... Read more »