Family Historian’s User Tag Bug (Updated)

Update 6/16/2014: See end of article I use Family Historian 4.13 as a data entry platform. Some of the special tags Ancestors Now supports have no value associated with them. When I try to add one of these special tags without a value, Family Historian deletes the record on save. I think this is a bug. The specification explicitly states in Chapter 1, in the first paragraph under Concepts: “A line always contains a hierarchical... Read more »

Genealogy Data Models & Group Entities

I have just read Tony Proctor’s excellent article Bootstrapping a Data Standard on his Parallax View Blog. I found it to be both interesting and informative. He did a great job of summarizing the needs of not only a Genealogy Data Model, but also more broadly of an Historical Data Model, one that supports all historical entities, not just those associated with Genealogy. One of the ideas he supports is the addition of Group... Read more »

by llakza

Firstly, my sincere thanks go out to everyone who has used The Genealogist’s Toolbox over the past year or so. The feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. As a direct result, we have built almost 1300 family trees and generated an additional 3800 reports for just under 1000 users. The Toolbox has grown large enough, I think, to kick it up a notch, so with this announcement, I am officially rebranding... Read more »

The Soldier of (Good) Fortune

On November 6, 1944, the allied forces landing at Omaha Beach battled bravely against German troops eventually driving them from their fortifications. Six days later, my father arrived. My father’s story is not one of great bravery or heroic effort, it is a simple story, one of his, and eventually my, good fortune. I visited my father a few weeks ago, and over dinner he recounted his days at Normandy. The following video picks... Read more »

On Why You Should Categorize Your Sources?

In “On Why Your Sources Suck,”, I criticized Ancestry for offering up poor quality sources to unsuspecting users and encouraged users to be more discerning in their selection of sources. My beef with Ancestry is not so much that they maintain poor quality databases, but that do not provide a easily identifiable means for determining this., like all super large genealogy companies that charge... Read more »

On Why Your Sources Suck,

(Photo by Marilyn M) I am writing this, yet another introduction to sources, because a lot of us, myself included, have family trees on, and, whom I adore, and besides having a plethora of wonderful source material to choose from, also has a lot of extremely poor quality sources on their sites. It wouldn’t be so bad but they are constantly reminding us to add these sources to our trees. And although... Read more »

Yet Another Genealogy Numbering System

Recently, I developed yet Another Genealogy NUmbering System (AGNUS) for use in the Generation Lists shown on the Gigatrees website. Generation lists are basically, nothing more than ancestor lists that use AGNUS rather than the popular Ahnen numbering system (referred to by some authors, including myself on occasion, as the Ahnentafel numbering system). The Ahnen numbering system has been is use for over 400 years, and has remained... Read more »


Recently, I implemented Bootstrap tabs on my website. Bootstrap tabs are easy to use. You need only to define an unordered list of tabs using the <ul> tag that links to anchor ids on the same page, followed by tab content identified by these ids. These links are known as URL hashes and are most easily recognized by that bit of text that follows the # symbol when present in the address bar. When defining a tab list, you must... Read more »

Skinning the Tab

If you’ve been using the jQueryUI tab library for the tabs on your site, you have probably noticed that they are slow, especially for pages that have loads of content, i.e. very large. jQueryUI manages its tabs by first loading the jQuery library, then the jQueryUI tab library, followed by whatever script method you’ve written to activate your tabs. Only then will it process the page to locate the tab list, and activate... Read more »